Very Long Media is the moniker of Joseph Long, who works with an eclectic range of collaborators, most frequently his brother Jonny Long, a U.S.-based photographer and aerial cinematographer.


Joseph has spent a decade blurring the distinction between work and play; creating a palette of projects across disciplines that is linked by an interest in storytelling through photography, illustration, collage and film. He cheerfully dances back and forth across the divide separating imagination from reality; taking a documentary, DIY-based approach to much of his work that frequently embraces flights of fancy and sculpting colourblind daydreams into reality.


He loves people, especially little ones who have kept their imaginations intact..


He also has a lot of ideas about a lot of things, so if you're looking for a good conversation about music, Lemony Snicket, or your business, then call him up for coffee and an initial consultation about how Very Long Media might assist you with bringing a dream into the sunlight.




November 11, 2014
Loving South Korean cinema. Okay, that might be partially due to being halfway through Snowpiercer. Sucked in to this claustrophobic future-tale about a band of survivors battling elitist tyrants on a perpetual engine-driven train in a snowy, dead wasteland of earth. 

November 7, 2014


Lemony Snicket's "A Series of Unfortunate Events" is coming to the small screen. Unless you have a huge television, in which it's coming to the big-ish screen. Thanks to Netflix, this smart, beloved, and darkly funny tale of the three orphan Baudelaires will soon move from print to screen. So. Excited.


Now please get the crew from Sherlock together and make sure it's done right.



Most of our video & film work is in collaboration with Fly View Aerial so you can visit www.flyviewaerial.com for a look at recent video work.


Thanks much and have a delightful day!

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