Very Long Media is the moniker of Joseph Long, who works with an eclectic range of collaborators, most frequently his brother Jonny Long, a U.S.-based photographer and aerial cinematographer. Now that I've introduced myself, I will stop referring to myself in the third person.

I have spent a decade blurring the distinction between work and play; creating a palette of projects across disciplines that is linked by a love of creating, capturing, and collaging stories together photography, illustration, and film. I like to cheerfully dance back and forth across the divide separating imagination from reality; taking a documentary approach to much of my work that embraces flights of fancy, snippets of actuality, and swirls daydreams into reality and vice versa.

I love people, especially little ones who have kept their imaginations intact.

What do I do?

I have a lot of ideas about a lot of things, so if you're looking for a good conversation about music, 20th century history, 1980s basketball,

or how I can help you or your business bring your ideas to life, then walkie-talkie me up for coffee and an initial conversation. See ya around.

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